Saturday, June 20, 2009


Police continues to harass Uthayakumar at his residence on June 13 & June 14, 2009. On June 13, 2009 at around 11.00pm, five (5) policemen for apparently no reason visited his present residence in his fiancées flat and started harassing her old and sickly parents.

They were questioned about his whereabouts in threatening and intimidating manners that shocked these elderly couple. Further they proceeded to take pictures of the flat both inside and outside of it.

Are we leaving in a police state? What right do the police have to enter into premises to question and take pictures. Is this a raid? Even so, is it not correct that a warrant should be produced for such unlawful invasion and trespass of private property?

The police has to get their act right that the public cannot be subjected to such arbitrary act for their whims and fancies without the due process of the law.

Uthaya Kumar was a prisoner of conscience and now a free man, not some thief in charade to hoodwink the police force. Is he hiding from you? Why does the police resort to tactics to intimidate and harass some old folks using the power that is granted to them by the public ie the voters and the tax payers unless the police force feels that it is above the law and it could do anything it wants, when it chooses, and their victims are their choice at the expense of the peace loving public.

HINDRAF condemns the act of the police on the intimidation acts that are carried out on Uthaya Kumar, nor condones to such behavior in a so called democracy state.

What is even more baffling is, there is a permanently parked van outside the flat that obviously watches his movement, please see attached photo, so HINDRAF fails to comprehend why then 5 policemen needs to enter his fiancées flat at 10.00pm and intimidate some old folks.

HINDRAF questions’ such actions and motives by the police force nor will it stand quietly to address such issues as at large, it is not about HINDRAF, or Uthaya Kumar but the erosion of human liberty in Malaysia to live peacefully without a misguided mechanism through government tools ie the police, judiciary, executive powers to trample over basic life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in a multicultural society to flourish in Malaysia.

HINDRAF does not want a police state in Malaysia, nor does the public desires for one, so an overtly act by the police force disregarding the process of law needs to be questioned before Malaysia actually becomes a police state.

Thank you.

P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF – Chairman