Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PS from WMP -No arrest done on Kugan's death in last 1 month !!


RE: More than a month still no charge or arrest of Police suspected murderers of A. Kugan

HINDRAF condemns the lacklustre attitude taken by UMNO led government and the AG's office in prosecuting the police suspected murderers of A. Kugan. A. Kugan was murdered on January 20, 2008 in police custody and to date more than a month, no charge or arrest has been made on a single policeman.

In all fairness and justice, A.. Kugan is as much as a Malaysian as any other Malaysian who deserves to be treated equally and fairly. Why is the government taking a step back and practicing double standards in administrating the due process of law against the police murderers for a murder that was committed in police custody? Is it because A. Kugan happens to be a Malaysian Indian?

This condemnable approach taken by the UMNO led government and the AG's office in delaying the charge and arrest of these murderers will only further agitate the public and in particularly the Malaysian Indians who had suffered enough under the tyranny of the government through systematic marginalization and discrimination.

Public accountability and transparency of the UMNO led government and its agents in relation to protection of human rights in Malaysia is severely undermined and are provided merely as a lip service exercise to appease the public. A. Kugan's case is a classic example, more than one month had passed and no charge or arrest for a murder that took place in police custody.

The continuous callous attitude by the government against the Malaysian public in particular to the Malaysian Indians will only distance itself further from the public as the frustration grows in all segment of the society with no ability to seek a fair and just recourse for the injustice that prevails to maintain the status quo of the UMNO led government and its agents.

HINDRAF seeks immediate actions to be taken against the police murderers and not lip services from the AG's office in this matter. One month without any charge or arrest is just to long for a murder that took place in police custody unless there are ulterior hidden motive for the murder of A. Kugan that otherwise could jeopardize the integrity and sanctity of the police force.

Thank you.

P. Waytha Moorthy
Hindraf- Chairman