Thursday, January 15, 2009

PS from WMP - UMNO lead Cabinet and its bigotry

Press Statement from WaythaMoorthy

HINDRAF – UMNO led cabinet and its bigotry.

In reference to the recent reporting in the mainstream media, criticism seems to mount against the report submitted by HINDRAF on the Malaysian Indian Minority Report and Human Rights Violations 2008 as the UMNO led cabinet seems more concerned in shutting out the truth.

HINDRAF stands by its report based on facts and figures reported in the said report and not the usual rhetoric by the popularized characters in the UMNO led mass media. The position taken by the cabinet and its coolies only begs a question on who does it really serves, themselves or the people. There more than 30 violations and atrocities backed by researched news report and publication in this report which are purely factual but the cabinet is more concerned in its bigotry and self denial making rhetoric claims rather than addressing and tackling the issues put forward in the report.

Statement such as " we are deeply concerned with Waytha Moorthy's action as it would have harmful effects on what we have worked for and achieved during the past several months," by Dr Subra seems to be a veiled threat towards the Malaysian Indian community that they should keep quite and accept the lip service that had persevered for the last 52 years.

Rather than playing the mandore role in silence and submission, Samy & Subra should stand up for the Malaysian Indians and voice their concern for the systematic discrimination and marginalization of the Malaysian Indians and be a true representative of the society. If UMNO disputes the report then I challenge them to have an open debate in these issues on a neutral ground ie in the UK or the USA.

The UMNO led government's relentless obstinate and zealous effort to shut out the grievances is nothing new but only to salvage its own dented ego although there are clear and present human right violations of the Malaysian Indian, yet salvaging one's own ego seems paramount against the cause of humanity.

The Malaysian Indians along with those who suffer in poverty and sidelined including the majority Muslims who had suffered enough under UMNO tyranny, definitely deserves a fairer government that listens to its society and tackle their issues without fear and favor.

HINDRAF calls for a United Malaysia that can rise and heed the voice for humanity irrespective of race, religion, color or creed to act upon those truth and reality that exist between us to forge us as a truly multicultural nation.

Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF – Chairman
From Chennai