Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI Congratulate Presiden Barac Obama

20th January 2009.

Location: AMERICAN EMBASSY. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

We congratulate Presiden Barack Obama to be the 44th President of United State of America.

Mr.President, please help us close down our own 'Guantanamo Bay' the infamous KAMUNTING DETENTION CENTRE and Release all ISA prisoners.

Before President Barack Obama came to office he said he will shutdown Guantanamo Bay and soon Deputy PM Najib will be the Prime Minister we urge Najib to follow Presiden Barack Obama step and shutdown Kemunting Detention Centre immediately.
We also urge Presiden Barack Obama please help THE MALAYSIAN INDIANS from the suppression of UMNO Goverment. Valga Makkal SAKTHI

National Information Coordinator
012 6362287