Monday, October 20, 2008

Photos at Duta Court during Uthaya trail on 20 Oct 2008

This is amazing !!

We had an historical moment with our great Makkal Sakthi ( People's Power) leader, Mr Uthayakumar today while he came to the trail in Jalan Duta Court at 9am.

The court diverted the case to another court room without any notification even to the defence counsel. The supporter whom came as earlier morning as 6am started to que in front of court room and later found that the trail is about to start in another room.

When the supporters and well wishers came to the actual court room they were again blocked by police claiming thr room is packed when there is only 6 people in court room.

Again another first time took place, where the police says that only those with number tag will be allowed and asked the supporter to get back to ground floor to register the names and collect the tags. The peace loving supporters walked all the way down to que up to register thru their IC and collected the "special" token number which limited to 58 only.
Surprisingly there were many other cases running in the same building but they were allowed to move in to their respective court room without "special tags nor registration". Another double standard !!

The court later adjourn to afternoon and the interval were used to see and greet Uthaya by all the suppporter whom came. Uthaya was very happy and motivated. He stressed that the struggle for the Malaysian Indians will not stops until the UMNO led govt fulfill the rightful rights of Malaysian indians.
More news to be written later.


Vaalge Makkal Sakthi