Sunday, December 21, 2008

Report :PETITION OF MAKKAL SAKTI to Yang Dipertua of Ng Sembilan

Handing of Peoples Petition to Swear Allegience to the Rulers by Malaysian Indian.

3.15pm at Istana Hinggap Seremban, Malaysian Indians sent the petition to swear allegience to the Rulers and hope the Rulers can address issues of marginalization & discrimination of UMNO goverment against Malaysian Indians.
We were disappointed the Istana official was not there to received our petition. The official Datuk Abdullah who was not there, have instructed Lans Corperal Zurish (Police ID.No 146288) to received on behalf of Istana.
We were surprise the heavy present of Police and FRU. The way they look as thou we are not welcome there. The police were very rude, they give us 5 minute to disperse or they will arrest us. We left peacefully.

Makkal Sakthi
National Coordinater

Below are some of the picture taken during the submission :-