Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PS from WMP - Welcome the talk mediate by PAS and urge others to join



The UMNO led Malaysian Government in its attempt to silent the voice of HINDRAF had made this people's Civil Rights Movement an illegal movement. The aspiration of HINDRAF has always been to address the grievances of the ethnic Malaysian Indians who are continuously marginalized and discriminated in every aspect of socio-economic in Malaysia.

PAS and other political groups as well as non partisan groups have voiced their dissent against the government's stance in declaring HINDRAF illegal as they truly understand that in reality, the Malaysian Indians are subjected to socio-economic imbalance due to unfair and unjust policies thus creating a new underclass society in Malaysia.

The voice of the underclass Malaysian Indians being a minority have never been heard before until HINDRAF came along to address the genuine grievances of this mass to be treated equally and fairly. The UMNO led government instead of engaging us to listen to the public's grievances rather chose to silence us by fear and intimidation by unjust operation of law.

This only creates further animosity amongst the Malaysian Indians toward the ruling government.

We welcome PAS's intention to act as mediator and negotiate on behalf of HINDRAF to lift the ban on HINDRAF. Along with PAS, we would like to invite matured and seasoned politicians like Tun Musa Hitam, Dato Seri On Ka Ting and Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan to participate together to act as mediator for HINDRAF in all fairness as we trust they are able understand the problems faced by the Malaysian Indians as a minority and maybe able to reach out to the UMNO led government in lifting the ban on HINDRAF.

If the government fails to engage HINDRAF through these mediators, it clearly shows that the UMNO led government is least interested in addressing the Malaysian Indians dilemma but rather continue their obstinate methods in further alienating the Malaysian Indian in every aspect of socio-economic development in Malaysia.

Thank you.

P. Waytha Moorthy