Monday, October 6, 2008

PS from WMP - Bias Report from Utusan, TV3 and other UMNO coolies regarding Hindraf visit to PM Open House


PRESS STATEMENT 5th October 2008

It appears of late, biased and invalidated reporting done by Utusan Malaysia and TV3 is a clear indication to invoke racial tension after the failure of the UMNO led government to create the racial tension that they were anticipating with the recent arrests under ISA.
The Hari Raya open house visit by HINDRAF has been demonised and given the impression that a criminal act was committed and Islam insulted. It is indeed shocking that Federal Ministers, senior Professors and Government officials do not have the intelligence to differentiate between a memorandum and a greeting card. What is wrong with HINDRAF supporters attending the open House. “Another time another date” – since when has the Prime Minister set a date to listen to the rakyat. HINDRAF has made numerous calls to the PM for dialogue but all fell in deaf ears. The open house is the only day in the year a commoner could make the acquaintance of the PM personally and HINDRAF took liberty to send a clear message- RELEASE ALL PRISONERS HELD UNJUSTLY WITHOUT TRIAL IN SPIRIT OF FORGIVENESS. Even more appalling the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar interprets this as an insult to Islam. We challenge Utusan and TV3 to make public their photographic and video recordings to prove HINDRAF supporters behaved in an inappropriate manner. To the contrary we have evidence the PM and his Deputy was all in smiles and accepted the greetings and card with an open heart.
The Malaysian led UMNO government fails to realize that it is 2008 where Malaysians are at a different wavelength and able to see and judge for themselves what truth, just and equality means for the society we live in.
The current crop of Malaysians are no longer intimidated nor unable to digest their own resources to judge for themselves why and how it is done to serve what the ruling government seeks to hold their power and abuse the system and the process of law.
Utusan Malaysia and TV3 can continue to act as an apparatus of the ruling government in their inept propaganda, but they fail to comprehend that most Malaysians are equipped with their own resources without any real need with their ultra bias commentary.
Journalism is the unofficial fourth institution to check and balance the officially elected bodies of the legislative (Parliament), executive & judiciary and address issues of public concern unbiased.
Utusan and TV3 has just shown us how well they are intertwined and fettered for the objective of the ruling government and its coolies with their hate journalism which is only one sided without even checking their facts or highlighting the other side of the story. It is indeed a sad day for journalism.
A despotic and desperate government and it's elected representatives will always voice out without any regard to the truth or what should be the truth or for the betterment of the society but for the benefit of the few Utusan and TV3 currently plays the lead role to enhance their cause.
The UMNO ruled administration with its coolies are currently like a headless chicken as they continue to fail to see the truth that lies before them to create a truly multicultural and equal society in Malaysia for the enhancement of the nation.
Democracy in Malaysia is growing at such speed that UMNO continuously fail and/or refuse to see its growth. HINDRAF will not be deterred by wild accusations, threat or intimidation and will continue its campaign until all draconian laws are abolished and its Lawyers and all others released unconditionally.

Waytha Moorthy