Sunday, September 28, 2008

Report of Hindraf Candle Vigil on 27 Sept at Dat Merdeka

Attached are some of the photos taken in various location of the event.

The Hindraf Makkal Sakthi Candle Vigil on27 Sept 2008 at Dataran Merdeka was a good success with more than 10,000 people have gathered to support Anti ISA.

Earlier the police gave verbal warning to a small crowd of supporters gathered near the Bar Council near Dataran Merdeka at 6.45pm and again final warning to dispease at 7.15pm when we started the candle vigil. A negotiation took place and finally we moved the crowd to take a detour via the shortcut to Jln TunPerak.

Along the way more supporters from various group largely from Hindraf joins in and all lead to Dataran Merdeka entry thru Jalan Tun Perak. YB Mano, Lawyer Suren, RS Thanethiran and some key coordinators had negotiated and got approval to do vigil there till 8.00 pm.

Here more people gathered to join and bypassers honk to support the vigil.

By 8.00 pm the crowd grew to thousands. The whole crowd then moved to nearby temple, Sri Kotaimalai Pillayar temple near Puduraya. One side of JTP (Jln Tun Perak) were closed and police help to divert the traffic to other roads to exit KL. The crowd slowly march peacefully to the temple as the police allow the peace march.

The anti ISA mantra of "Mansuhkan ISA", "Kuburkan ISA", Bebaskan Tahanan ISA", "Bebaskan RPK" and of course "Hindraf Vaalge", "Makkal Sakti Vaalge", "Waythamoorthy Vaalge" and "Uthayakumar Vaalge" were chant loadly by supporters along the walk to the temple.

They also carried various sizes and type of banners refecting message the demands to Abolish ISA ,Release All ISA Detainees, Long Live Hindraf Leaders as they march. It was a fantastic moment in Malaysian history as all races joins in a walk of justice. Some of the muslim friends whom joined told me that they just finished the fast breaking and said that they completed the fasting as a devoted Muslim and dont want to miss this vigil as loving Malaysian standing for justice.

Never small was the strong support for RPK (Raja Petra), many of them were wearing TShirt with RPK picture demanding release of RPK. Many passby people whom were caught in surprise were with happy smiling faces and cheering us with support. Some even asked for candles to walk along. Most of them treasured this special moments in their handphone by taking pictures.

The crowd finally reached Puduraya at 9.00pm and they placed the candles outside the temple.

There 500 ghee lamp were ordered by the organising team earlier and many prayed the Lord Ganesha for His blessing and light up the ghee lamp.
Some of political leaders have also joined in the march. Among them were YB Manogaran, MP Teluk Intan whom also Legal Advisor of Hindraf, YB Tian Chua of PKR and YB Zuraida of Ampang.

The crowd were packed along the Jln Mahkamah and all continue to chant Abolish ISA and Vaalge Hindraf till 9.30pm. Various media from local and overseas covered the event and some interviewed the supporters as well. I was told by other reporters that there were 2 blind supporters whom took part in the vigil against ISA. I was touched for the high spirit held by these supporters whom able to "see" the unjustice in Malaysian law whereas the authority and leaders are still being "mute" and "dumb" on this draconian law.
Later at 9.30 pm, Mr RS Thanethiran, Hindraf National Lead Coordinator then gave a thanking speech to all. In his enegryful speech, he stressed that today had marked another history in Malaysia were all races walk in peace for justice. He also said that the people were the judges and they have said in a peacful manner today that Malaysian of all races are against draconian ISA. Home Minister Syed Albar should listen to the voice of the nation and should stop making his own decision.
Later he stressed that today the Malaysians and Hindraf proved to the government that we are peace loving people as the police obeyed the law as per Article 10 to allow the expression of view and gather in peace which transform to a peaceful gathering and march by all Malaysians without any unwanted incidents. He thanked the police for the support and hope this liberal approach would continue.

On the upcoming events, he said Hindraf invites all democratic peace loving Malaysian to join Hindraf to the PM open house for Hari Raya in PWTC on the 1st day of raya at 11am. Let us shake hand with him and seek for immediate release of all ISA detainees and bring the nation to a full democratic nation of just to all.

The crowd later disprease in peace at 9.45pm.
Thanks to all HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi supporters and other NGO as well opposition leaders for the support shown.
Special thanks to the PDRM for allowing us to practice the law and help in control the traffics.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.

Report from,
Kannan Ramasamy
Hindraf National Event Coordinator
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