Monday, September 29, 2008

A humble note on the successful 27th Sept.2008 peaceful candle vigil.

Vanakam My dear brothers and sisters.

We have made our point ! We have made it very loud and clear !!! Abolish ISA , Release Hindraf heroes , RPK and the rest immediately !!! We came with candles in our hands and love in our hearts . We kept to our words that this will be a Ahimsa vigil and it was indeed. Malay, Indian, Chinese and our brothers from east Malaysia all stood along together and sent a clear message that Hindraf is not a terrorist organization as claimed by UMNO led Barisan Nasional government but rather was a representation of the citizens of Malaysia who ‘Believe In God’ and practicing ‘Loyalty To The King And Country’, who always believed in ‘Upholding The Constitution’ and respect the ‘Rule Of Law’ which eventually results in ‘Good Behaviour and Morality’.

Dear Prime Minister sir, there is no truth in your government’s claim that Mr.P.Uthayakumar has led a movement that links with any terrorist group. There is no base in your accusation that Hindraf chairman Mr.P.Waythamoorthy and the rest were threat to our beloved motherland Malaysia . Please drop all those accusations and free the Hindraf heroes from what you have once said , “draconian and barbaric” ISA detention Immediately. Until and unless the Hindraf lawyers are freed , we have no any other choice but will be pushed to carry out various unique protests . The choice is actually yours Mr .Prime Minister sir. I
t will not be appropriate if I never thank the police brothers for once allowing us to exercise article 10 of the federal constitution .Thank you for being very understanding despite not allowing us to hold our vigil at Dataran Merdeka.
Last but not least , Hindraf is proud and thankful to the 5000 over supporters of all walks of life and all races who gathered and supported this peaceful candle vigil. YBs , NGO members ,bloggers and Press friends , your presence was very meaningful to us.
We seek your continuous support in the event, the struggle to Abolish ISA and free the ISA detainees need to be carried on.
Vaazhge Hindraf , Abolish ISA !!

Sambulingam Wisvalingam
National Hindraf Coordination Team.
28th Sept. 2008