Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hindraf too has been in ISA !!

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By hindrafinternational
Categories: Makkal Sakthi

Please all Hindraf Makkal Sakti supporters, please plan something in this period of ISA hot furore going on to arrange a mega candle light vigil for Hindraf 5 to request for a release of our 5 heros.

If you remember when Hindraf leaders was arrested there is not much from civil society , no any federal minister , NGO , BN component leader given any statement such as what we see now when 3 people were arrested under ISA, we see a different trend now where even many from ruling government minister are show displeasure on this arrest , does this show that Indian in Malaysia has no regards from entire civil society , Ngos and political parties.

If it is so , we must act our own Hindraf Makkal sakti must use this opportunity to arrange a mega candle light Vigil for Hindraf five to highlight to people that Hindraf too has been in ISA don’t they bother to raise voice for them too.