Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hindraf Hunger Strike at KLCC on 10th Aug 2008

Kuala Lumpur : 10 Aug 2008, KLCC

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi came back to KLCC, a significant location where the 25-11 peace rally took place. This time they gather is a smaller dedicated group but with higher spirit.
About 50 supporters took part in hunger strike for the immediate release of all Hindraf leaders from draconian ISA and safe return of their Chairman, Mr Waythamoorthy from UK.

The group started to swell at KLCC Suria at Ampang Enterance from 9 am. The police personnel and light force personnel were there from early morning as early as 7 am.
As usual the police came to dispease the crowd telling it is illegal to gather there.

Mr Sambu and Mr Jayathas both from Hindraf central cordinators teamwhom lead the group did negotiate with both the police personal and KLCC security staff.

They said they are here for peace hunger protest and expects the police do not disturb the peace gathering there.
The KLCC security made a stell boundry to not allowing the group to seat or walk near the enterance. The group were not allowed to carry any placard or make any slogan.

Hindraf whom known for their Ahimsha (non violence) way kept the spirit high. They had the hunger strike without any unwanted incident.

The group seat near the enterence and had peace hunger strike from morning 8 am till 5 pm.
There were many passby people whom stop to enquire what is the gathering for and some local immediately understand seeing the HINDRAF tshirts. They wave hands and some even said Long live Hindraf to support the Hindraf struggles.The police and media were there watching briefly and taking photos on the overall event.

Good support and nationwide activities

"The group of supporters whom took part in hunger strike were consider good turn up despite there are many events took part on the same day nationwide", said Hindraf National Event Coordinator, Mr Kannan. He added that there are many temples conducting special prayers, offering Thanner Panthal ( drink stall) inline with the Aadi month prayers nationwide and in Ipoh there were Hindraf Makkal Sakthi Blood Donation campaign at the same time. He said they are only expecting a small group for the hunger strike for the beginning and soon the event will be held in several location nationwide soon.

The hunger strike was a successful one as significant participant took part and stayed all the whole day near the KLCC enterance in a peaceful way despite high presence of police personnel. They ended the hunger strike with Thiryabagam Mantra reading, Long Live Hindraf slogan and a short end speeach by Mr Jayathas whom stress that Hindraf urge the UMNO lead government to immdiate release of all Hindraf leaders from ISA as the governement failed to prove any charge against the leaders.
The group break fast about 5.15 pm with a soya drink and dates. They disprease in peace after the event.