Sunday, June 22, 2008

WMP-HINDRAF is disappointed but not surprised with Tun Mahathir racist remarks

Hindraf is disappointed but not surprised at the antic of former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir in his racist remarks for his personal agenda rather than for the well-being of the Malaysian society.

Dr Mahathir Mohammed single handedly have wiped out the impartiality of the legislative, judiciary and executive powers through wide spread practice of corruption, nepotism and cronyism as well as destroying racial harmony in multi racial Malaysia.

Sling shots hurled at each other on "who is a racist" or "what is the racist" does not undo the damage that has been done nor address the issues on the failure of the ruling administration to provide equal and fair education, business, economic and religion opportunity for Malaysian Indian along with their fellow citizens.

Our present ruling administration and their patrons in Malaysia fails to see that their political prowess on their personal agendas on race, religion, color or following is totally obsolete for the current generation of Malaysian.

Hindraf represents the oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians who have been systematically marginalized in seeking what is fair and equal. When Hindraf started highlighting these grievances, it had and is still struggling through the thick chain of the ruling administration and its institutions but all our plight is either ignored or swept under the carpet on various pretext.

There is no doubt that HINDRAF represents the oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indian segment of the society. When there is oppression or suppression, it does not differentiate between race, religion, color or following but only to seek what is fair and equal as a citizen of a country for the well being of the society as well the country.

The continuous bickering of Dr. Mahathir in his self serving mode is like a broken record without seeking solutions in a fair and equal manner to address the grievances of the oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians.

In the current generation, Malaysians seek equal and fair opportunity irrespective of their origin but rather how the Malaysian society can work together to uplift themselves from the erosion that having been perpetuating over the last fifty years.

HINDRAF's goal is to defend and protect the Malaysian Indian society in their quest to participate equally and fairly in education, business, economic and religious freedom from an oppressive system practiced by the ruling administration that clearly defies basic human right and freedom.

In the interim do expect Dr.Mahathir to continue with his usual antics to divert the attention from his wrong doing which in resurfacing now.

P.Waytha Moorthy