Friday, April 11, 2008

Uthaya's condition is still not recovered but discharged !!

Hi all,

Today 10th April 2008, when one of Uthaya's relation visited Uthaya in Kemta after been discharged from Taiping Hospital yesterday afternoon.
His condition is still very bad and his diabetic is still HIGH at 15.5 !!!
His eye sight is getting blur and have some other complication as well.
This is TOTAL inhumane from both the Hospital and KEMTA.
We cant be leaving him at this condition.
He did NO wrong and his detention together with other Hindraf leaders are totally against human rights.

We are going to have a protest against the HOME Ministry and Health Ministry for failing and systematically denying basic medication / healthcare to the detainees.

Pls do join us as below :-
Date : 11 th April 2008 ( Friday)
Venue: in front of KEMTA ( Kamunting)
Time : 2 pm

Vaalge Hindraf
Vaalge Makkal Sakthi

Hindraf Coordinator