Thursday, April 3, 2008



Re : Uthayakumar does not need freedom initiated by Samy Velu
Samy Velu should apologize first.

The recent statement by Dato Seri Samy Velu that he would urge the Prime Minister to release the 5 HINDRAF leaders is most appalling. He was part of the system that incarcerated those “messengers of truth” and suppressed the legitimate voice of Democracy.

Whilst the Prime Minister was a “gentleman” in accepting his errors and pledging to rectify his mistakes, Samy Velu is playing politics by his regular antics now, seeking the release of the 5.

He should first of all apologize to the 5 families and the Malaysian Indians for the following reasons:

a) failure to oppose the arrest by Government openly on 13th December 2007
b) misleading the Government and public that HINDRAF is a threat to National Security and linked to terrorist organizations
c) misleading HINDRAF struggle for his own political survival
d) denying the 18 demands of HINDRAF as absurd and claim that the Indians were not marginalized.

It is plainly clear the initiative now is to gain popularity and to repair the damage done to his reputation as an obsolete leader.

I wish to stress Uthayakumar wouldn’t want a freedom based on sympathy by Samy Velu or anyoneone else.

FREEDOM should come on basis of acknowledgement that HINDRAF struggle is legitimate and his struggle is peaceful and not a National Security Threat.

P.Waytha Moorthy