Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Yaagam/Homam Guide on the mark of 100 days held under ISA

Homam/Yaagam”( Fire Rituals) Prayers to release HINDRAF 5 on 23nd March 2008.

This “homam / yaagam” is conducted on the mark of 100th day detention of HINDRAF 5 leaders under draconian law, Internal Security Act.
The day is auspicious day for all to get blessing from LORD MURUGAN in speedy release of HINDRAF 5 leaders and the betterment of Malaysian Indians.
Time : 23rd March 2008, within 7.00am till 9.00am.
Venue : Nationwide temples or houses.

Below are the details to conduct this simple “homam/yaagam” in temples or at homes.
1. Prepare a “homam/yaagam” square build with bricks or ready made pot
2. Prepare all the Poojai / prayers items like
a. vilaku (lamp), manjal Pillayar, kumbam,
b. flowers, ghee, dried wood, camphor, aval poori ( white dried rice),
c. paddy rice (nel), fruits and small “pattu” (silk) cloth, coins
3. This prayers can be conducted with many homam/yaagam in the same temple at on time. As the priest chant the mantra, the offering can be done by individual in front of each homam/vaagam.
4. Prayers and offering in yaagam
•Perform Ganesha prayers first.
•Followed by “yaagam/homam” offering with mantra chanting
•Vinayagar mantra, “Om Kam Ganapathi Namoh Namahe - 16 times.
•Then Sivan mantra “Om Namasivaya” - 16 times.
•Offering continue with “Om Namoh Saravana Bhavana” - 108 times
5. During the mantra chanting, please to the offering of ghee, poori, paddy rice and finally with fruits , pattu (silk) and coins.
6. Sing some devotional/ thevaram songs while the yaagam fire glows.
7. Finally conduct a peace meditation / prayers with one focus to bless us by releasing the HINDRAF5 leaders and to uplift the Malaysian Indians right thru 18 demands.

It is also ok if the temple priest could do this
Optionally some “prasantham” can be offered for those whom came for the prayers.
Any concern or guide please do call Mr Shan on +6 019 2285124 or
Kannan at 012-269 0024 for the event confirmation.

This is a full voluntary prayer, let us all gather in your local temples / house to conduct prayers nationwide at the same time for a single bless from the Lord Muruga.

Om Namoh Saravana Bhavana

Kannan Ramasamy
HINDRAF National Event Coordinator