Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mahathir talks nonsense - Malaysiakini interview

I refer to the interview given by ex Premier Mahathir Mohamad to Malaysiakini.
The ex premier laments that the Indians never appreciated him. Why should the Indians say thank you to a man who “threw the seeds” of hatred, marginalization and discrimination during his regime.
There is no doubt that the intake for medical seats was the worst during his tenure. And yet he had the audacity to complain that the Indians never thanked him for ultimately being doctors.

Instead of wanting to claim credit for what he doesn’t deserve, he should provide proof that he was the reason for the success of the Indians. Most Indians sold off their property and lifelong savings to educate their children and provide them a career opportunity that they deserve according to their qualifications. Unfortunately Mahathir failed to address the failure of the Government (his) to provide opportunities to good ranking students who performed well at their STPM and SPM levels. They deserved good courses at Universities. Our Country needs the best brains to serve the country and Mahathir is guilty of suppressing them (Indians and Chinese) on grounds of Racist and Fascist policies.
Despite the suppression the Indians and Chinese have made it through their own sacrifices i.e. most had to sell their only property and lifelong savings to educate their children overseas only for them to return to this country to serve. Even then, they are discriminated and various restrictions imposed on their qualifications on grounds that their Universities are not recognized when the rest of the world could do so. One cannot forget it was during Mahathir’s era that his “great education Minister” derecognized a Russian University upon visiting the said university and realizing 80% of Malaysian students there were Indians.
To cut a long story short “ Mahathir you do not deserve a thank you from the Indians – I can go on listing the number of atrocities you committed to the non Malays in this country.
Leaders like you and your successors should learn to appreciate and welcome the “best brains” available to this country for its progressive development. Education and nation building has nothing to do with Race or the Malay Special Privileges. Politicians like you and your successors are deliberately suppressing the “best brains” the country inherited for your personal agenda.

P.Waytha Moorthy