Wednesday, March 12, 2008

100 days of ISA detention- nationwide forums on ISA cruelty and worldwide protest.

Dear HINDRAF supporters,

22nd March marks 100 days of the draconian arrest and detention of our brothers under the Internal Security Act.

In conjunction of this I invite HINDRAF supporters to organize nationwide forums on the 22nd March and at least 100 yagams (fire rituals) throughout the country.

Please organise the forums in public halls and seek/apply police permits early. You could invite the newly elected MP’s/ State assemblymen/ ex ISA detainees/lawyers to talk on the cruelty of ISA detentions.

A representative of HINDRAF could speak on the continued struggle of HINDRAF and our commitments for the protection of Minority Rights. At the end of the Forums kindly release 5 pigeons to mark the quest for freedom of the 5.

I also urge you to organize 100 yagams (fire rituals) throughout the country to mark this day seeking Divine Blessings for our 5 heroes detained and for the success of our 18 demands. I suggest we all collectively organise the yagams for Lord Muruga and invoke his blessings for our struggle.

The yagams could be organized in Temples/homes ect and need not be large numbers of participants. There are simple methods of conducting these yagams and you need not engage priests or “qualified persons”. All men and women with sincere heart and thoughts are qualified to organise these rituals. You may obtain simple instructions on how to organise these yagams by contacting Mr. Shanmugam on +6 019 2285124.

If you are organising a yagam please inform details and venues of your yagam by way of email to or contact HINDRAF event co-ordinator Mr. Kannan on +6012 2690024.

For all enquiries of the programs ie Forum and the yagams please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kannan on the above number.

P.Waytha Moorthy