Friday, February 15, 2008

Rose to PM Campaign Guideline and FQA

Above the image given by one of our supporter for arial view.
The Rose to PM Campaign in Malaysia is still on schedule.
Venue : Parliament House, Kuala Lumpur.
Date : 16th FEB 2008 (Saturday)
Time : 10.00 - 12.00 pm
There are many FQA for this campaign. Here are some of the answers and guideline for the campaign.
1. Q : Where is the location and what time ?
A : No change, Parliament House, KL at 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
2. Q : What need to be brought ?
A : Just a stake of rose either red or yellow. We are peace loving community (ahimsa) and rose is a symbol of peace.
2a. Q : Why roses ?
A : The red roses is symbol of love and compassion whereas the yellow roses are symbol of justice. We are going to our PM these roses conjuction with Valentines Day, seeking the love and compassion from PM towards Malaysian Indians as we Malaysian too. While the yellow roses are symbol for our cry of justice, we seek immediate release of HINDRAF 5 leaders and reconsider this rightful struggle.
3. Q : Parliament dissolved on 13th Feb, so how ?
A : We are going to Parliament as it a symbol of justice where lawmaking process happens.
It is a just a venue for us to see our PM to give him thousands of flowers seeking love and justice.
4. Q : Who is PM after the Parliament dissolved, will the PM come ?
A : There will be a caretaker government that been setup after the Parliament dissolved as per our law until the new mandate government is formed.
Historically the current PM will be the acting PM for this government, so he has all the responsibility as PM including hearing the people's cry.
Little girl Vwaishnavi (Waytha's daughter) have sent a personal invitation to PM 3 weeks ago to attend this Roses to PM campaign.
This followed by another group of concerned senior citizen whom support little girl. They also have met the PM personal officers on 11th Feb 2008 and hand over a letter requesting PM to reconsider and request him humbly to come for this function
So far no reply from Malaysian PM.
In the invitation, the request were made for PM or his reps to come and receive these flowers.
It is also stated that the PM have all the flexibility to chose the venue if he cant make it to the Parliament, the little girl is ready to come elsewhere.
5. Q : How many people are expected to join ?
A : We are expecting about 200 kids and 10,000 Malaysian would join this peaceful campaign.
6. Q : How is the crowd control management would be ?
A : There will be at least 400 crowd control marshall placed along the road and guide the crowd.
7. Q : How long is this campaign ?
A : Max 2 hours, ( 10.00 - 12.00 pm). Once the flowers are submitted, the crowd will dispease peaceful.
8. Q : How would the police response be ?
A : We believe the police will allow us to gather peacefully as there would be no other things carried except a stake of rose. The little kids symbolizing the future generation will be carrying roses and would be in the frontline together will their parents. We request with humble that our police will be more ethical towards us.
Thanks. Hope to see all near the Parliament House this Saturday morning.