Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Peaceful Protest in London by Hindraf - 1st Feb 2008

Silent Protest in London for HINDRAF 5 on Feb 1st Photos send by: John Silva from London
Crowd of more than 1000 Malaysian Indians protested in front 10 Downing Street, London today with police permit and later at 2pm, a group of 5 representatives which included Mr Wathya Moorthy were allowed audience with the Prime Minister H.E. Mr Gordan Brown's representative to present a Petition requesting the British Government, who were responsible for bringing the Indians to work in the rubber plantation and to seek their assistance to ensure that the Malaysian government does not continue to discriminate and marginalise the Indian community any further.
Later at 3pm, the same crowd gathered at the Indian High Commissioner office in London and 5 representatives including Wathya Moorthy were give audience by the Indian High Commissioner to United Kingdom, who was glad to receive the said Petition.

Waythamoothy were given live interview by AlJezerra TV which were air at 5.30 am(Msia time).
Edited by Kannan R