Monday, February 11, 2008

An appeal letter from Senior Citizen to Msian PM to support Rose Campaign

Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia
11th February 2008-02-09

Dear Dato Seri,

Re: Appeal to allow Peaceful Roses Campaign.
People of Malaysia bring message of Peace and Justice on Valentine Day

We the undersigned are senior citizens of Malaysia and write this letter as a matter or urgency to you and hope this letter finds your desk in time.

We have been anxiously monitoring the current situation affecting the minority Indian population in Malaysia and are deeply concerned of the decision that you are likely to make within the next few days concerning the roses campaign that are to take place on the 16th February 2008.

We appeal to you to allow the younger generation led by a child Vwaishhnnavi d/o Waytha Moorthy to safely deliver the Red and Yellow Roses to you, which symbolises the peaceful struggle of HINDRAF seeking their 18-point demands, and for the release of her 5 uncles held in detention without trial, sanctioned by you. We are given to understand that Vwaishhnnavi would be accompanied by about 100 other children and their parents. She has also made a request for the Human Rights Commission, SUHAKAM’s chairman to accompany her to Parliament on the said day.

These are peaceful gesture shown by these courage children. A child is the personification of LOVE AND AFFECTION. And when LOVE AND AFFECTION knocks on the “heart and soul of mother Malaysia” (Parliament) you being the key holder of this Great Parliament must embrace those children with an open heart for they are your youngest children.

Mr.Prime Minister, we appeal to you to accept those Roses from those children and adults as a father to this wonderful nation.

We have not come across any leaders in the world being presented with thousands of Roses in any other parts of the world. So let us make this event a successful and meaningful one in the spirit of valentine celebration.

We pray that the almighty bless you with good health and wisdom to lead the Government of this country.

Yours Most sincerely,
Mr. Krishnan
on behalf of 100 Senior Citizen of Malaysian Indians